The NBA has trends that pops out and most of these are bad for the sport and needs to be eradicated right away. These trends range from bad behavior, social media posts and elements on the game itself.

Resting Players

This issue is not new with the NBA it has been done before by the Spurs sitting all the starters during a very important game. The new issue is with Leonard with the Clippers causing them to be fined. This is a very sensitive issue, the NBA has long grueling season.

Teams are caught between giving the fans what they paid to see and taking care of the longevity of the player. Well for fans this should stop and let them play according they have been paid too.


Well this is an old trend. When you look at a highlight dunk in slow motion you can see that most of these players get away with a travel. This is especially when the highlight is being made by a superstar, this missed travel call piles up. Hopefully this one will stop.

Efficiency Over Aesthetics

Primary example of this is the player James Harden. This player is dubbed as the best isolation scorer in the NBA’s history. He is an efficient player and can get foul easily earning most of his points on the charity swipes. He can average 36 points per game. Well that is very impressive.

But it would be exhilarating if would earn those points trough dunks, layups, slashing and shooting. What would you prefer efficiency or aesthetics?  I would really love to see exciting games not with too much free throws, especially when I have a bet on a certain team. It is exciting to bet on a team with the use of the promo codes I got from ezbonuspromocodes.

The NBA is a great league, but it needs to evolve too and minimize these trends that are not good for the league. After all we watched it for entertainment, we need a game that can entertain us to the fullest.